Bill of Rights Project
Creating A Digital Cartoon Strip

Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to make a comic strip that would help to educate a new immigrant to this country on the basic rights that they posses because of the Bill of Rights.

  1. Log on to BIT STRIPS.
  2. Find the CREATE box towards the upper left portion of the screen. Click on create COMIC.
  3. Type in the number of panels that you would like to have in your cartoon.
  4. Use the ART LIBRARY & TEXT BUBBLES to create a cartoon.
  5. Before the end of your work session, be sure to click on SAVE, which is found in a red box towards the bottom right of the screen. Type in a desired USERNAME & PASSWORD. You'll also be prompted to enter in and confirm an EMAIL ADDRESS. Click on SIGN UP NOW when completed. You will have a confirmation sent to your listed email account. Please accept the confirmation.
  6. From this point forward you can simply enter in your EMAIL & PASSWORD on the homepage to get back to your cartoon strip