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  1. You will be assigned to a group to work with
  2. Your group will begin the task of brainstorming about problems that impact the citizens of Pennsylvania. Concentrate on problems that Pennsylvania can actually control. For example, Pennsylvania can't stop the national government from going to war with other countries. Only the national government can make that type of decision (remember federalism?). Issues you might want to consider...fracking, same sex marriage, education, bullying, voter ID laws, increasing the minimum wage, etc...
  3. Once researching a little bit about the problem your group is going to assume the role of a member of the Pennsylvania Senate. Your will be creating a bill that will hopefully become a law that deals with the issue/problem that your group has selected. You bill must have a preamble that explains the overall purpose of your bill, as well as a detailed explanation of the various provisions of your bill. Try to make your bill sound as important and sophisticated as possible. An example what a bill looks like has been provided. The template that you are to use to write your bill has also been provided.
    Sample TopicsBill Template
  4. One of the parts of the bill requires you to identify the appropriate committee that the bill will be referred to. A list of the Pennsylvania Senate's Standing Committees has been linked.
  5. You must also write a co-sponsorship memo. The purpose of this letter is to convince other members of Congress to support your bill. It typically includes a description of the problem, details of your bill, and an explanation of how your idea will solve the problem you're dealing with. An example has been provided. The template that you will be working off of is provided below.