Overview: As we discussed, the main jobs of Congress are to represent constituents and to pass bills. The national Congress based out of Washington DC makes laws related to national interests and the state Congress based out of Harrisburg makes laws specific to Pennsylvania. Though our focus in chapter 6 was primarily on the national Congress, it could be argued that the state legislatures are of equal importance. For this assignment your task will be to examine one of the most controversial topics the Pennsylvania legislature must consider- the issue of Pennsylvania's minimum wage. You will first use the links below to examine some background information regarding the legislation. Your will compile a list of pros and cons in regards to raising Pennsylvania's current minimum wage. You will then write a brief response that indicates which side your support. Feel free to use additional sites if needed.
If you finish early, please work on your midterm review packet. If you don't finish, please quickly finish up for homework tonight.
Websites to Use
Background Info Articles:

Articles Urging the Minimum Wage to Be Increased
Articles Opposing Minimum Wage Increases