Should the United States rely on diplomacy and incentives or military confrontation to deal with a nuclear-armed North Korea?

Your job is to complete the 10 tasks below. For the first nine tasks you will be using the provided articles and links to answer the question that is posed. For task #10 you will be locating a relevant political cartoon.
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Task #1: Review the timeline of North Korea's nuclear program. In your opinion, what are the 10 dates that you think are most important to tell the story of North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Task #2: Review the letters that summarize the different opinions about how to approach North Korea. Summarize the differing viewpoints in the provided space.
Task #3: Review the websites listed below. Should South Korea and the United States respond to nuclear threats by putting more nuclear missiles in the region, or would that risk a nuclear arms race on the Korean Peninsula? Consider the various points of view.
Task #4: Is the United States' decision to improve its missile defense system a viable and effective option for containing the North Korean threats, or is China correct in saying that it poses risks?
Task #5: Based on recent history, does North Korea appear to respond better to diplomatic engagement and incentives or to confrontation and sanctions? Is there a risk of war if military drills spin out of control?
Task #6: Should North Korea's threats about attacking the United States be taken seriously, or are they intended for domestic consumption as a newer leader attempts to solidify power? Is it possible that Kim Jong-um is bluffing out of fear of the United States and would actually prefer peace to war?
Task #7: Does China seem able and willing to influence North Korea's behavior or support international sanctions?
Task #8: Can internet technology and commerce, like the introduction of Google Maps and a recent visit by the company's chairman, help to open up North Korea to the outside world?
Task #9: What is life like for ordinary people in North Korea?
Task #10: Find a political cartoon that relates to the situation with North Korea and its nuclear weapons. You could use or another site to locate it. Please print the cartoon out and place it in the provided space. Provide a brief interpretation in the additional provided space. You might want to paste it into powerpoint so you can more easily manipulate its size. Click here for a great link to current events political cartoons.

Log on to your account on Please see me if you have forgotten your log on information. Click on the "North Korea" topic blog. Please respond to the prompt that has been included. You are to refer to specifics from your previous research within your answer. Your response should be detailed (8-10 sentences). Additionally, you must respond to one other student's post. Please remember to always remain respectful of others' views.
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